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It started out as a typical summer in a small southern town for 15-yr old Pete Travers and his friends, until the real rock stars showed up. Real dead that is. When bizarre occurrences, unexplained disappearances, and outpourings of prejudice become frequent in Harper's Mill, the four friends discover they've been destined for a gig far more challenging than anything they ever imagined. The rockers join forces with the four teens to rid the town of a hatred so intense, it has bred its own evil in the most unlikely of places. But will they succeed?

Thirty-seven years later, record industry mogul Peter Travers lies in a coma as the result of a horrific auto accident. As he teeters between life and death, he relives the life-changing events from the past in his mind. When his friends reunite to stand watch and offer their support, they realize Peter's auto crash was no accident. They also discover that the powers that saved them all those years ago have returned. But the question that burns in their hearts is: Why? The power of music's timeless message, the bonds of friendship, and a gift from God culminate in a cataclysmic battle that reaches to the gates of heaven. Is their faith strong enough to protect Peter and his family from the evil force that struggles to claim what he deems rightfully his - Peter's very soul?

Anything But


Richard was on the fast track to a mundane existence amid technology-inept blue hairs, antiquated hard drives and feline screen savers, until... he collided with 347 pounds of swishing gabardine with sugar-glazed lips, and a half-pint entourage straight from hell. Pied, hogtied and fearing for his sanity, he's forced to confront his dark side in the most bizarre journey of his life.

A raw look into the human mind, "Anything But" is a slippery gauntlet between real and surreal, with all the honesty of thumbtacks and leprechauns in a shower stall.

Tilt: Monsters and Martyrs

ISBN: 9780989831208  (Short Work)


Brutally honest prose. A modern day fable about the pulse of America.

Author Byron Suggs opens our minds to a chilling cross-section of a society racing headlong into madness. Soulless transients, narcissistic idols, the lustful, the greedy, the envious... they all make up the American Dream.

Cold Currents ~ Book #1 Bobby Taylor Series


"I was twelve years old the day they found Jenny Franklin’s head buoyed in a collection of debris along the banks of the Neuse River. Spring rains had swollen the muddy waters to levels not seen since 1947, dredging up secrets from its depths, and on that day, exposing the atrocities of a dark heart. There were no money pictures in the news, nothing gruesome, just a photo of police standing around on the river bank, looks of despair etched on every tired face. My father was one of them."


And so begins a tale of mayhem and redemption in the debut book of the exciting new Bobby Taylor Mystery/Thriller series.

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