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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a free ebook download!

COLD CURRENTS, book #1 in my Bobby Taylor Mystery/Thriller series, will be available to download for free March 15th through March 17th! Celebrate the Luck of the Irish and usher in Spring with a free copy of this fast-paced mystery/thriller set in the South. Just click on the Kindle icon to go there!


Chapter One

I was twelve years old the day they found Jenny Franklin’s head buoyed in a collection of debris along the banks of the Neuse River. Spring rains had swollen the muddy waters to levels not seen since 1947, dredging up secrets from its depths, and on that day, exposing the atrocities of a dark heart. There were no money pictures in the news, nothing gruesome, just a photo of police standing around on the river bank, looks of despair etched on every tired face. My father was one of them.

I recalled now, driving east on I-40, the imagery my young mind devised around the story that dominated local headlines that day thirty years ago. I could see her as plain as if I’d been standing there beside my father. A beautiful girl, though her skin was bloated gray, hair matted with river sludge and bits of plant. Her eyes pools of hazy film that hinted at blue, but hid the secrets of her killer. The jagged edges of her neck were devoid of all color, any blood once vibrant with life, now lost to the chilled depths of the wild Neuse. It was vivid in my mind during that twelfth year of my life, and it scared the hell out of me."


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